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Q: Which name is correct?

  1. World Hunger offering

  2. Global Hunger Relief

  3. The Alabama Hunger Offering for Global Hunger Relief

A: All of the above! They are all the same offering!

Current theme

The date for the Hunger Offering is February 20, 2022.

You can have your Hunger Offering any day you wish. We receive hunger relief funds every week!

For each dollar you give, a dollar goes out to feed the hungry.

100% of all money collected through the Alabama Hunger Offering is used to feed hungry people around the world and share the “Bread of Life” with those who hunger for the good news of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Hunger Funds are available to Southern Baptist missionaries to meet food-related needs such as assisting people with receiving food, buying food, growing food and/or using food properly.

How is my dollar spent?

Alabama is the fourth poorest state, so when a dollar is contributed through the Alabama Hunger Offering 25% is used to feed the hungry within the state of Alabama. This is distributed through the office of Associational Missions & Church Planting to assist churches and associations with food pantries and meals for hungry people.

The bulk of the money is sent through the Global Hunger Fund. They receive 75% of each dollar contributed through the Alabama Hunger Offering. The Global Hunger Fund distributes 80% through the International Mission Board for overseas hunger relief and 20% is sent through the North American Mission Board to feed hungry people in the United States and Canada.

Because personnel and volunteers are already in place, and promotional expenses come through other budgets…100% of your gift is used to minister to the hungry in Jesus’ name.


Looking for a video to help promote the Hunger Offering in your church this Sunday? Here are two you can download!

Hunger Offering – General

Hunger Offering – IMB

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