7 Guides for Church Stewardship Leaders


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  1. Make Giving More Worshipful–Beginning with a brief overview of giving and worship, numerous ideas are provided for church leaders, members, and families. Selecting and implementing what fits your church will help create a more positive context for giving and worship.
  2. Help New Givers to Grow–How can a church guide and nourish members to grow spiritually including growing in giving? This guide discusses six different ways to challenge members to develop the grace of giving and consistently grow in attitude and the practice of giving.
  3. Enlist More Tithers–Churches are different, but they all need members to give to support the ministries of the church. In this guide, leaders are given four different plans, varying in length and number of activities, to encourage and challenge members to tithe in response to biblical teachings.
  4. Have a Stewardship Revival in your Church–Planning a stewardship revival calls for organization, preparation, and communication. All aspects are presented in this guide along with four different approaches to implement the stewardship revival.
  5. Establish An Estate Stewardship/Planned Giving Presence In Your Church–Assists leaders in educating their church families on the importance of estate planning, while encouraging them to make a difference today by impacting ministry tomorrow through planned giving.
  6. Creatively Present Your Church Budget–How the church’s annual budget is presented is important. This guide offers different approaches, formal and informal, to help members understand and support the proposed ministries for the coming budget year.
  7. Plan and Conduct Stewardship Enrichment Activities–Churches want the best methods to communicate and challenge members in stewardship concerns. This guide shows varied activities related to Bible studies, one-day emphases, and special projects.