Budget Toolbox CDs


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Included in this toolbox:

The variety of approaches in churches call for a variety of budget tools. The toolbox includes both an audio CD and a data CD.

There are six different tools for building your church’s budget:

  1. Budgeting and Values
  2. Contemporary Church Budgeting
  3. People Based Budgeting
  4. Priority Based Budgeting
  5. New Church Start Budgeting
  6. Budgeting for the Church Without a Written Budget.

Budgeting and Values discusses the vital plans and information that will help shape a church’s budget. Having a stated vision, core values, and a mission/purpose statement help a church get the most from its budgeting process.

Contemporary Church Budgeting links the budgeting process to the adopted methods of the church. Leaders direct budget development and enlist members to be involved in ministries compatible with their interests and gifts.

People Based Budgeting presents a way to involve the membership in budget planning. This helps create interest and support for budgeted ministries.

Priority Based Budgeting highlights church-determined priorities and gives them special attention in both the process and funding allocations.

New Church Start Budgeting developing a sound budget helps build a strong foundation for a new church. Key items are needed in this initial start-up budget.

Budgeting for the Church Without a Written Budget guides a church to recognize the value of a budget and provides an approach to develop a first-time written budget.