How God Finances His Work God Uses Tithes and Offerings


God Finances His work through your tithes and offerings.

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God Uses Tithes and Offerings

God Finances His work through your tithes and offerings.

God owns and controls everything. He sometimes allows need. His provision for every Christian ministry is sufficient. How then, is then provision made evident? Through tithes and offerings.

To build the tabernacle, God said, “Take up an offering for the Lord among you” (Ex. 35:5). Later, in the church, meeting human needs and sending missionaries followed the same pattern (Acts 11:29-30, 2 Cor. 8:19-21). God provides for His work through tithes and offerings.

Are fundraisers – like bake sales or car washes – God’s method of providing for His work? No. While make-work projects may have a place – like teaching teenagers the value of hard work – they are not a primary means of funding kingdom advance. These projects may be useful when the money earned is spent on others – like paying for a mission trip – but not as the means for funding continuing ministries or church programs.

God’s method for financing His work is abundantly providing for His people so they will give generously to support kingdom endeavors. The problem with the lack of provision in Christian ministries is not God’s failure to supply adequate resources. The problem is our selfishness, hoarding His supply, and inflating our standard of living at the expense of God’s work.

While that’s painful, it’s also true. North American Christians give only 2-3% of their income to ministries every year. If we only gave a tithe, just 10%, we would have about four times as much money to spend in churches, ministries, mission boards, and schools. Imagine what could be done with that abundance.

God finances His work through your tithes and offerings. Are you current? Are you generous? Are you the channel of financial blessing God intends you to be?